Amorphis - Eclipse LP (Yellow/Black/Orange splatter vinyl)


I won't go through a play-by-play, but this album is definitely worth checking out. Amorphis is unique to me in that they always seem to evoke the most nostalgic of moments in me that surpass other bands' lack of intensity. Amorphis knows how to not overdo things; sometimes a simple, repetitive melody of quality is all that it takes to throw me over the edge. Take, for example, the song "The Smoke." From the beginning, it just drips with sweet hand-clenching power as it takes me on a trip of beauty and new beginnings. I don't even need to look up the lyrics to know that this is a song I can listen to for the music alone. The guitar adds dimension to the same tune that is the intro and the drums are on key, the vocals are a celestial blend of deep growls and smooth but perfectly aligned clean vocals powered from within.