AMON - Sacrificial / Feasting The Beast CD

AMON - Sacrificial / Feasting The Beast CD

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Remastered By – Dan Swanö
Remastered in June 2023.

WOW!!! the Amon Feasting the Beast demo was originally recorded some time in August of 1987, on an 8 track in a gargage. However it sounds like a void to hell being bust wide open!! The Demo opens up with a haunting intro and then just blasts from begining to end.

I truly recommend this demo highly, i believe this demo can be found on roadrunner with their second Demo on it as well. Truly heavy and truly evil Time for the Feasting!

The second demo of Amon Sacrifical was recorded around December of 1989. This demo you can tell was done in the studio instead of an 8 track, because of the sound quality of the recordings. It almost sounds like a fullength recordeing. Even though this is not as raw as their first offering it still maintains a distinct brutalness all through out.

This is where deicide really finalized their sound/style. Also the track listing is very strong and offers two more tracks then their previous work. The riffs are very catchy and aggressive as well as great druming by Steve Asheim. Great leads very old death metal style very similar to early Morbid Angel. This demo shows why Deicide would become legends in the death metal genre. Glen's vocal patterns now changed from the low& heavily distorted to his man stay deicide style.

Highly recommend this demo for fans of deicide and old scholl death metal alike.Highlights Lunatic of Gods creation, Dead by Dawn, and Carnage in the temple of the damned. Great stuff here!