Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side LP (Black vinyl)


This album, “With Oden on Our Side” is not only the quintessential Amon Amarth album, but is one of the greatest tributes to a bygone era of human history that we, for some reason, still feel closely attached to. This album is a message to all those that reject their Viking ancestry, who see the ancient northern people as bloodthirsty savages, and makes them understand that they were a complex society with a code of honor to abide by, a dedicated people who fought for their beliefs, and a hard people shaped by their climates and obligations to their race and ancestors. This is an album that drives people’s fervor for their culture and their lineage as it plays on the importance of both individuality and community. As many a metalhead feels passion for the music they hold dear, passion for the broad but unspoken coven that we are all make up, and passion for the culture, style, and language that we have developed and live on a daily basis, Amon Amarth aided in the unearthing of another passion we share. We feel a need to hold dear the ancient and nearly forgotten cultures of our ancestors that go unnoticed by a mainstream focusing on the next technological toy or simplistic, mindless beat.