Ambush - Infidel LP (Coke Bottle Green vinyl)


Ambush are a heavy metal act out of Sweden that recently crept up under my radar. Their first album Firestorm channeled in a lot of raw energy from the traditional waves, while the follow-up Desecrator cleaned that up a bit. Their newest disc Infidel follows the path of their sophomore album but deals the deck in a smoother manner. The songs wind up having a greater anthemic feel, ultimately causing them to stand apart with stronger presence.

In terms of more obvious ones, “Hellbiter” is the place to go. The frontman has such a concise delivery here, transitioning from the stomping verses to a sing-along chorus. Holding the power while doing that is his greatest strength. Signs of early Dream Theater without the progressive instrumentation is the best comparison I can make. Heavier tunes that grab the devil by the horns like “Demon Within” are also unique because of muscular lead execution. “Iron Helm Of War” has one of the greatest solos, surrounding the already fantastical feel with fret-board fire.

The only track I can really complain about is “Yperite” just because of how heavy-handed it gets with the pinch harmonics. The bass presence is at its peak on that one, so I can’t slam it too much. “A Silent Killer” rings that in even better, blending it with intricate rhythms that reside in minor scales. The shift of tone from song-to-song is one of Infidel’s strongest features, especially for how focused they remain.

If there’s an album the fully sold me on Ambush, this is the one. They’ve been churning out quality music since 2013, but this is where I believe they figured out their own formula. There’s a lot of melodies to sing along to, blistering solos and riffs to feast on, and most importantly, enough variation to hold your interest. Fans of Enforcer, Dream Theater, or Helloween should seek this out as soon as possible...