Allegaeon - Apoptosis 2-LP (Ultra Clear/Black Smoke vinyl)


Coming off the rabid obsession of technical precision that was pioneered by a number of European outfits such as the enigmatic Necrophagist, and adopting a comparatively cold, scientifically based imagery and a helping of Gothenburg-influenced melodic sensibilities that were popularized by the northeastern metalcore scene to which American tech death tends to share a degree of familiarity with, a number of bands in the American south and mid-west have risen to a degree of prominent within the past decade. Among the likes of Vale Of Pnath and Inferi, the Colorado-based shred machine that is Allegaeon takes a similarly fancy yet measured road by riding the coattails of Arsis and The Black Dahlia Murder while also injecting a heavy dose of showmanship into the equation that is fairly reminiscent of Beyond Creation and Revocation.