Alda - :Tahoma: 2-LP (Black vinyl)


Deluxe re-release of ALDA´s second album.
Double 180g black vinyl in gatefold with 4 page booklet insert
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Alda’s Tahoma is truly a masterpiece.

The music on this album envelops you and creates an atmosphere that is simply incredible.

On this album, Alda truly makes you feel as though you are surrounded by great forests and mountains.

The album artwork excellently portrays this atmosphere too.

The level of composition displayed on Tahoma is excellent, with songs that range from more straightforward Cascadian black metal (“Adrift”) to entirely acoustic folk (“Shadow of the Mountain”).

The musicianship is very solid and the band sounds very tight, as though they have been playing together for many years.

I also like the production on this album, it falls in that happy medium between polished studio and lo-fi bedroom production.

All the instruments are distinguishable, even the bass, but the overall sound still has some grit to it.

The music on Tahoma is top notch.

Even though it is fairly straightforward nature-inspired black metal, it comes together perfectly to create a juggernaut of an album.

Although the whole album is amazing, the two tracks that stand out the most to me are “In the Wake of an Iron Wind” and “Shadow of the Mountain”.

“In the Wake of an Iron Wind” is a perfect example of how to play Cascadian black metal.

That song is incredible from the folk intro, to the melodic black metal core, to the melancholic acoustic outro.

“Shadow of the Mountain” is a beautiful folk song that makes a great interlude in the middle of the album, but still stands on its own as an amazing track.

Even though I singled out two tracks to dwell on, this album really should be listened to as a whole, for it is very cohesive, and flows together extremely well.

All in all, I would highly recommend getting this album if you can.

If you like nature-inspired black metal, this is for you.