Aethyrick - Gnosis CD


A pattern does form alongside time’s inheritance of familiarity and this is where ‘Praxis’ and ‘Gnosis’ conjoin upon a greater signature of built momentum, memorable melodic arc, spirited refrain, and the eventual keyboard enhanced ‘epic’ finale statement of each track. The effect is quite memorable once the scope of the album is achieved, creating smaller worlds within each track that begin to blend across full listens into consistent peaks and valleys defined primarily by textures introduced beyond the keystone rhythms separating each song. Far from the all-too-common methods of wistfully unshaped modern atmospheric black metal, Aethyrick will speak to the sensibilities of the 1990’s school of ‘variation on a theme’ focused riff-centric songwriting. It isn’t a revolutionary style or even the most memorable practical portrayal of that world but theme and fidelity go a long way to ensure a convincing and effective listen that sticks with the listener. Very high recommendation is due ‘Gnosis’ because it has served as one of the most remarkable ‘growers’ in the span of these last two months of listening. Aethyrick initially appeared to have taken a plainly iterative approach in applying deeper personal meaning while making slight improvements to their sound on this second album but, as I peeled back the layers of assumption, greater depth of meaning revealed itself with time.