Adzalaan - Into Vermilion Mirrors CD


The sheer magnitude of inspirationally prolific dark extreme metal musicians erupting out of the northwest United States is made no less frightening by the force of darkness that is Vrasubatlat. Spearheaded by itinerant Ash Borer bassist/vocalist R. (Rory Flay) in the form of a collective of occult black and death metal projects he has a hand in. Adzalaan is more or less his solo black metal project and perhaps the strongest argument made yet for his painterly guitar playing and knack for atmospheric occult darkness. It is a brilliant debut that streams a frightening consciousness through black metal guitar horror that evokes the regal spirit of occult black metal with an inherently sinister grace. ‘Into Vermilion Mirrors’ is a vital black metal release for early 2018 and a strong 20th release for Vrasubatlat‘s definitive oeuvre.