ADRAMELECH - Psychotasia CD

ADRAMELECH - Psychotasia CD

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They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but to be honest, it's not possible here! The graphic design by Turkka Rantanen perfectly reflects the entirety of the music - it's strange, mysterious and really insane. And it's no different in practice. Adramelech's debut is dominated by very dingy riffs, mid-tempo rhythms with occasional blasts (Jarkko is also responsible for these parts), "whispered" growl, surprisingly sophisticated solos and an extremely stuffy atmosphere mixed with a slightly melancholic melodies. For this reason, on "Psychostasia" there is no question of weaker or less distinctive songs. This is a complete album from A to Z, where identifying the best moments can be very problematic. Because I can mention "Mythic Descendant""Heroes In Godly Blaze""Across The Gray Waters" or "The Book Of The Worm", but I don't know if it makes more sense. The deadly atmosphere breathes from all the songs equally, and absolutely each of them maintains an ultra-high level. Anyway, even the production side is attractive - with considerable selectivity, but without killing the naturalness

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