Acrostichon - Engraved in Black LP (Black vinyl)


Special casewrapped gatefold with glued-in 350gsm jacket / 24pgs full-coloured massive booklet / A1 poster / black vinyl / limited to 400 copies

The whole album is housed in heavy and thick cardboard gatefold cover, which trust me is very impressive. Then you open it and see the title: Acrostichon - “Engraved In Black” (Twentieth anniversary edition)… there’s 24 pages booklet glued to the gatefold.

Well, Acrostichon is a classic representative of Dutch death metal – and Dutchs were all mainly about the atmosphere, about the heavy, massive death metal, with a lot of doomy parts, but with some more grinding moments here and there. And “Engraved In Black” is a classic example of this style. From the beginning it will certainly remind you such bands as Asphyx, early Gorefest, Mystic Charm and “Consuming Impulse” era Pestilence.