Acid ‎- Maniac LP & 7" EP (Bone White vinyl)


- 2000 x bone white vinyl 
1st pressing comes with black vinyl bonus - 7" 
425gsm heavy cardboard cover, lyric sheet, poster

Belgium's Acid first appeared on the international metal radar screen with the release of their debut album "Acid" in 1982. However, it would be the band's second and arguably most revered album 1983's "Maniac", that cemented the band's reputation as an up-and-coming early thrash metal force. In terms of the timeline and historical scope of thrash/speed metal history, the years 1982-1983 were quite early in the game, with the majority of the bands who would come to define the thrash metal genre (in the mid-80's) barely even out of the starting gate. Put simply, Acid were ahead of their time. No doubt about it.