Acherontas - Faustian Ethos Digi-CD


Occult black metal devotee Acherontas (Nikolaos Panagopoulos), like so many black metal musicians inspired in the early 90’s, harbors no fear of the unexplored and never overthinks his output to the point of tedium. Each of the project’s seven full-lengths offers a divergence from the expected and ‘Faustian Ethos’ is perhaps the least expected movement since their inception. In forming Acherontas in 2007 Panagopoulos shuttered his previous project Stutthof and carried Legion of Doom guitarist Demogorgon along for the first Acherontas album. Sensitivities arose in mainstream sects of black metal around that time, as they’ve likewise arisen more recently, and though Acherontas had worked with NSBM oriented musicians and record labels in the past the project is apolitical and focuses on occult mysticism and ancient philosophy. I know it doesn’t matter to most folks but, I think this type of misconception is too often blinding to folks who are better off reading tabloids instead of listening to black metal music.