Accuser - Who Dominates Who? LP (Black vinyl)


Accuser, Accuser… the unsung heroes of the German metal scene. I don’t know a single metalhead whose all-time favourite metal act is Accuser… I know people who worship at the altar of Paradox, Risk, Exumer, Mekong Delta, Deathrow… even Vendetta if you like; but I haven’t met anyone who has chosen the band under scrutiny here as his/her idols. It beats me why provided that they possessed all the requisite tools to become major players on the field, from the very beginning.

I can’t possibly imagine how the fans had felt, those who were exposed to the band’s speed/thrashing debut “The Conviction” five years earlier. With said debut equal parts Rage’s “Reign of Fear”, Angel Dust’s “Into the Dark Past”, and Destruction’s “Infernal Overkill”, it was difficult to envisage which direction the guys would choose to pursue on future endeavours. Well, they didn’t have to wait for very long in order to hear the answer to their wonderings which the “Experimental Errors” mini-album handsomely provided a few months later. No speed metal left, the sound had become much more complex and heavier our friends obviously enamored with the last two (at the time) Metallica behemoths (“… And Justice for All”, above all). Although the Germans’ approach was more formulaic and less diverse, it still presented a good potent sound with a potential to be explored further.