Accuser - The Conviction LP (Black vinyl)


The self-titled band anthem marked the epicentre of Accu§er´s creativity. An overdose of pinpoint riffs revealed the full potential of the debutants. It was remarkable how the guys combined straightness with more or less surprising twists and turns. Highly dynamic and inter alia benefitting from its brilliant and intense bridge, the song appeared as a statement: we are Accu§er and we are here to stay. This track alone was worth the money. Contrariwise, the slightly hysterical voice of Eberhard Weyel did not constitute a unique selling point

Overall, this debut proved the general capability of Accu§er to compete with the great names of German thrash metal. The blazing title track was the final highlight of a full-length that offered pure Teutonic thrash. Up until today, the band has released nine studio albums, but its debut still belongs to the jewels of their discography.