Accuser - Experimental Errors LP (Black vinyl)


Features three live bonus track from 1994.

Not long after the release of their debut, Accu§er returned. Instead of relaxing, they had written new songs. Their second output consisted of six tracks which were pressed on vinyl. It looked good, but of course, it was much more important to clarify the question whether the band also had stimulating ideas in musical terms. "Experimental Errors" began with a playful guitar intro. Its somewhat weird mood was emphasized by pretty dissonant violins. However, the first regular track was naturally dominated by the guitars. First thing I noticed was the more professional sound. Although it was while lacking a bit of filth, the offensive mix surpassed the slightly undifferentiated production of the debut.

The whole band, the original members as well as the new recruited second guitarist René Schütz, acted on a technically competent level. There was no question that my sympathy for these thrashers was unbroken. Generally, they demonstrated the right attitude and, by the way, their lyrics were still better than that of the majority of other German thrash bands.