Accuser - Double Talk LP (Black vinyl)


Of course we did not know it at the time of its publication, but "Double Talk" marked the final release of Accu§er that stood stylistically in the tradition of their first works. Nonetheless, the change had already begun. The three founding members were still active, but René Schütz was replaced by a babyface called Milan Peschel. But lo and behold, this guy channelled his juvenile energies in the right way. As far as I can tell, his guitar playing was on an equal footing with that of his experienced colleague Frank Thoms. Furthermore, the album was kicked off by a short and compact thrasher. The title track, driven by razor-sharp riffs, convinced with its dynamic approach and the cynical lyrics. It marked an explosive start and appeared as an alternative concept to the overlong tunes of "Who Dominates Who?".

Summing up, "Double Talk" presented sharp and effective riffs as well as meandering guitar lines that lacked of coherence. The clean production did not suffer from sterility while offering a good balance between the instrumental section and the angry vocals. In technical terms, there was nothing to complain so that I am speaking of a solid thrash metal effort. But if you do not have much time, just enjoy the title track.