ABYSSUS - Into The Abyss LP (Black Vinyl)

ABYSSUS - Into The Abyss LP (Black Vinyl)

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Abyssus play a good mix of mainly US style DM enhanced by influences from European bands like Asphyx or Bolt Thrower. The basic riffs are often fast and aggressive but sometimes also slow and stoic. The chords have a pretty simple and straight-forward feel to them most of the time but there are some cleverly implemented variations of the main themes. The lead guitar parts create a lot of atmosphere acting in the background for the most part delivering some eerie and sometimes melancholic harmonies. Of course there are some traditional soloing parts but those are kept compact so that they never distract from the track itself.

The production is raw and filthy but very dynamic at the same time. The band managed to find the right balance between sounding rotten and putrid but also crystal clear and punchy. While the advanced technical options of this decade have been used to create a great end result Abyssus mainly pay tribute to the glorious music of the nineties.

In the end your enjoyment of “Into the Abyss” will depend on how you answer the question “How much do you like OSDM?”. The innovation level is pretty low and Kostas and his guys do not even make the slightest attempt in reinventing the wheel. As I can answer the mentioned question with “very much” I am more than satisfied with this classy and greatly executed piece of rotten music.

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