Abysmal Dawn - Obsolescence


Abysmal Dawn is a technical death metal band from Los Angeles, California; probably the most unlikely of places to find good technical death metal. But there you have it. They're previous works were nice, if slightly underwhelming takes on the genre. The production values and song writing have gotten as significant boost on this album.

The production, first and foremost, is just about perfect. Sharp, snappy drums, meaty but clear guitar tone and a sweet over all mix.

I gotta acknowledge this drummer, because he's so free with his use of cymbals and toms, and yet it doesn't sound too chaotic or random, and always helps moves the music forward, even while standing on it's own legs.

The band's sound is like good ol' US death metal got sprinkled with the technical stylings of Canada and Europe, that is to say it's not blended in, but rather pretty patchy. For example, the first two tracks are very European with slightly neo-classical riffage, and a touch of melody in the vein of the Europeans, but the next three tracks are more rhythmic, even occasionally groovy and Eastern US sounding. Come to think of it, tracks 7 and 8 have even a flair of European black metal chords.

The album is over all very solid death metal, that, although is certainly pretty generic doesn't fail to get the head nodding and evoke all the proper murder instincts that death metal should. There are two standout tracks however. Easily the best track on the album is Perfecting Slavery which is hardhitting, tight, and exemplary technical death metal. It has fast, neo-classical type riffs, fantastic drumming, and all the whirlwind riffing you could ever want from a awesome technical death metal track. The other standout track is The Inevitable Return to Darkness which is the nice almost-epic closer has a truckload of riffs and opens up to some sweet melodies toward the end and breaks down nicely.

Very solid release from these guys, their stock is definitely on the rise. If they continue with tracks like Perfecting Slavery, I dare say they could be in the top of their class. Absolutely check out Perfecting Slavery, it's one of the best executed technical death metal tracks in recent memory.