Absu - The Sun Of Tiphareth CD


Recorded under the 1994 enchantment of the Dumuzi Apzu in September at Reel-To-Reel Studios and in October at Goodnight Studios - Dallas, Texas.
Repress of Absu - The Sun Of Tiphareth - Alternate Mix: 2012 (Original Sequence) . 2017 Released.

Really, the difference between Absu's debut and this album is astounding. Barathrum VITRIOL was really nothing more than a weak attempt to copy Darkthrone's earlier material with a touch of extra thrash and synth elements. However, The Sun Of Tiphareth saw Absu moving swiftly and confidently into their own unique style, purging the dullness and cheese of the previous album and replacing it with a massive dose of thrash violence and an even bigger dose of epic. In fact, this stands out from the rest of their catalogue mainly due to said epic nature. The album has a sweeping, panoramic quality which was traded in for a more directly savage attack on The Third Storm Of Cythraul and Tara - both excellent in their own right, but still overshadowed by this one.