Absu - Mythological Occult Metal 1991-2001 2-CD


Starting with ''Rarities & Alternate Versions'' one of my favorite for its energetic black music being also intricate with pace variation, some keyboards included. The song Stone of Destiny is especially noticeable. Then it is their debut demo called The Temples of Fal, a rather raw and old school style still including some good parts like : scary vocals, crazy guitars, bells, melody with calmer moments as well.

Thirdly And Shineth Unto the Cold Cometh, made of two songs only; the first one has a cool acoustic and key intro before turning into a raw black metal composition; the other is a raw and melodic opus. Closing disc one is my other favorite section: Hallstattian Swords, the more epic, dark, orchestrated segment composed of three instrumentals. Covers opens up disc two. This time Absu is serving us a mixture of good and bad : tribal drums, epic parts, samplings, crazy guitars, rawer and live sounding songs. Naturally followed by Live being hectic, raw and for me the least pleasant part to listen to. Then to close things up, two Unreleased compositions made of two unpolished, mid paced and melodic instrumentals.