Abscess - Dawn of Inhumanity Digi-CD


The tragedy of it is that there's a fun album lurking below the surface of Dawn of Inhumanity. You can tell that, in the studio, Reifert was beating the piss out of his drum kit with nearly as much gusto as he's ever shown. The performance is entirely lost in translation, though. The cymbals, when you can hear them at all, are slight and distant hiss. The bass drums sound like short blips of subtle bass frequencies, not like a chain-driven beater smashing into a twenty-two inch piece of laminated polyeurethane stretched near breaking point over a wooden shell. The snare drum sounds like a pencil tapping out a rhythm on a phone book. It's got all of the soul of a washing machine and all the fury of a quadrapelegic in a persitant vegetative state. It's so much more saddening because the performance itself sounds like it has so much to offer. Listen to the shitstorm of percussion at the end of the title track and tell me that wouldn't be awesome if it was recorded in a way that did those fills even an ounce of justice.