Abnormality ‎- Sociopathic Constructs LP (Black vinyl)


lim. 180g black vinyl + poster & downloadcard

Overall as the album clocks in at 32 minutes, it really doesn't take long to spin this one through. It doesn't leave anything behind, only a completely flattened listener. The album is literally hammering down with all that they do best and give their everything with this one. The music really reflect the lyrics well. They might've gone a little political with "Kakistocracy", doesn't matter to me. "Curb Stomp" is exactly what it is supposed to be, as in a brutal stomp against the pavement, merciless and relentless. It is the last song of the album, yet the first single that got released but still after tens of tens of listenings it still really gives in a lot of replay value, for me at least. First time I heard it, it left me baffled. The chugging sludgy guitars closer to the midpoint of the song are the type of ear-porn that I really goddamn love about the song. Same with "Penance", an absolute banger to blast in a car or something. There isn't much to add here, as you're left quite baffled and speechless after the absolute musical assault you've just experienced. The album is an absolute must-buy for the fans of Dying Fetus, Misery Index and Cattle Decapitation for example.