A.R.G. – One World Without The End CD

A.R.G. – One World Without The End CD

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Includes the "Back to Life" 12".

Finnish thrashers A.R.G. return for another fine slab of monstrous Death/Thrash. The collection of songs here are about as subtle as a wrecking ball to the face. Luckily, the sound of this album is notably more advanced than their debut. The arrangements are clearly more ambitious and it appears the band decided to refine their sound to a certain extent. That’s not to say they’ve evolved into another Watchtower clone, but merely added some welcomed improvements. However, the band still remains intent on delivering a tirade of no-holds barred, explosive Death/Thrash. The songs on here are still immense focused kicks to the skull.
Nevertheless, the production is significantly clearer than their debut as it is much more metallic and sharp. The guitars in particular sounds very abrasive, which are perfect for this type of thrash metal. Tepa’s vocals are also much harsher this time around, partly due to the overhaul in the production. His approach is still as lacerating as ever, especially that sneer at the end of “Misfortune By My Side”. Furthermore, Jari and Vesa waste no time in letting the riffs out. The riffs are plentiful and violent, not to mention much more identifiable. This results in a slew of memorable, compelling thrashers such as “Misfortune By My Side” and “Adoration Of the King”. Both songs showcase A.R.G. at their angriest and catchiest. The consistent songwriting ensures that you won’t get bored easily.