A.R.G. - Entrance CD

A.R.G. - Entrance CD

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Originally released in 1989.

Tracks 1-11, 15 & 16 recorded at Soundtrack Studio during the summer 1989.
Tracks 12-14 recorded and mixed at SM-Studio, Oulu in September 1988.
Taken from Aggressive Confessor 7" (1988).
Tracks 15-16 taken from Prevailing Sickness 7" (1989).

Remastered at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki January 2012.

A.R.G.'s brand of thrash is quite aggressive and violent. In the greater view of the fields of thrash, their output is definitely more in the German vein of things than in the US-styled Bay Area way of doing things or the New York thrash scene. The music is angry, almost approaching death metal in its grumpy attitude, and as far from melodic as thrash ever got. Yup, this stuff is not for fans of easy-listening brands of thrash, and has some qualities almost approaching the South American gritty and dirty styles in it. It was on par with the most aggressive German bands of the time, but with an original "reindeer metal" take on things. Nothing really sounded like A.R.G. for a long time, and even if they never made it even on Stone's modest level in the bigger scenes, they certainly left their imprint on the minds of a generation of thrash fans in Finland.