Savage Grace - Master Of Disguise 2-CD


Deluxe 2-CD re-issue of a Classic 80’s Speed Metal record!

Savage Grace’s debut record “Master of Disguise” is a critically overlooked speed metal gem that oozes with charisma. The Californian quintet offers nine energetic songs with a concise running time of thirty-five minutes. This re-issue include five bonus songs from the early Mini-LP “The Dominatress” and other bonus songs that offer even more value for money.

The musicianship is fast but very skilled. The guitar riffs are tight, pitiless and energetic while the guitar solos find the perfect balance between melody and energy. The rhythm section is quite energetic with a vibrant audible bass guitar sound and playful drum patterns that are give the opportunity to shine on multiple occasions. The vocals are youthful, passionate and melodic and will please fans of early heavy metal, glam metal and even punk rock alike.

While most speed metal bands sound negative in their aggressive approach, Savage Grace sound like they were enjoying themselves a great deal while recording this cult classic in the mid-eighties. Savage Grace’s “Master of Disguise” is a melodic, playful and timeless album somewhere between heavy, speed and thrash metal stylistics with a few glam and punk stylistics thrown in. The final result sounds absolutely unique, grows with every spin and hasn’t lost any of its charm in three and a half decades and counting.

Check this forgotten gem out, crank up the volume and party with your friends like there is no tomorrow.

• 2-CD comes as a deluxe edition with slipcase

• Remixed and remastered

• Faithfully restored artwork

• Mandatory album for anyone’s 80’s Speed Metal collection

Enjoyable if you listen to: Agent Steel, Omen, Iron Maiden, Nasty Savage