Nattehimmel - The Night Sky Beckons MC


..Out of the woods and into the night sky! Nattehimmel is the brand new project the founder members of both Norwegian bands ‘In The Woods’ and ‘Green Carnation’; the Botteri brothers.

Christian (guitar) & Christopher (bass) have returned to their Black Metal roots and teamed up with recently departed In The Woods vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist, Englishman James Fogarty (also of Old Forest). They are joined by their long-time collaborator Sven Rothe (Strange New Dawn) on drums.

Nattehimmel (Norsk for ‘Night Sky’) is a direct descendent of early In The Woods - injecting new life into the early 90’s Black/Pagan Metal sound which they helped to shape.

Founded in January 2022, Nattehimmel immediately began to assemble and finish various songs that had been in progress and recorded a 5 tracks of their unique style to send to friends. Hammerheart Records immediately recognized the quality and heritage of the music, and a limited 3 track demo tape ‘The Night Sky Beckons’ is now released by Hammerheart Records. The band are working hard on their first album. More news to come...

• Featuring (ex)members from In the Woods, Strange New Dawn, Old Forest and Green Carnation

• Recording of the debut album in progress

For fans of: In the Woods, Green Carnation, Dimmu Borgir, Ulver, Gehenna